Press 03/02/22

All-women Development Team Breaks Ground on Reina

Reina's all-women development team

The Reina condo project, a boutique mid-rise fully developed and designed by women, is one step closer to rising in  Etobicoke, Ont. as it’s set to begin construction.


A significant gender gap among leaders in the development industry inspired Taya Cook of Urban Capital and Sherry Larjani of Spotlight Developments to ‘change the narrative,’ and bring together a team of women across industries, from construction to sales.


Reina, which means Queen, was designed by an extensive community consultation process and uses forward-thinking design to resolve common pain points of condo living.


“It feels wonderful to be at this stage in our journey now, getting ready to deliver on our promise of a community-first mixed-use building that doesn’t compromise on style,” says Cook. “It is our hope that young women continue to consider development for their future careers so that we can better incorporate their diverse perspectives in city-building.”


“To be at our ground-breaking now demonstrates the powerful energy created when women direct on real estate developments,” adds Larjani. “We’re so proud to be here and the market response is a testament of the strength of vision of our all-women leadership team. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to champion diverse projects across our industries.”


The year-long community consultation process into Reina’s development gathered feedback and varied perspectives from multigenerational families, parents with young or adolescent children, and single people.