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Tricks of Time and Space

The video image can introduce your audience to processes and procedures that are otherwise invisible. The microscopic can be enlarged. We can computer animate the workings of a machine. Time can be accelerated or slowed down. The enormous can be made portable. Cameras can travel throughout your divisions or plants and provide a guided tour and the on-camera interview with your president translates as a personal presentation to each prospective client.

After all, it’s an important part of your business plan. So, the real beginning occurs long before a script is written. We start by defining both the challenge and the solution.

Cost Effective

A well produced video can also contribute directly to your bottom line. For instance, you can;

  • reduce your demonstration stock through the use of a video.
  • decrease training costs.
  • qualify prospects prior to providing on-site presentations.
  • be assured of consistent sales presentation that describes all the features and benefits of your product.

Business Communication

We understand the challenges of launching a new product, defining a vertical market, creating a sales presentation and training employees. In short, we sat on the other side of the desk long before we first looked through a television camera.

Managing the Medium

MarketVision provides initial concepts, finished scripts, video production, voice-over, editing and distribution. We have shot footage both on-location and in a studio. We can incorporate your existing video into your new production. We can animate processes that cannot be viewed or shot on tape. We can generate sub titles to help your audience understand your message and/or language.
But first, we'll assist you in discovering the best possible way of using the medium to define your message.

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