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Canadian Forces Technical Orders (CFTO)

Marketvision specialized in the management and production of Department of National Defence (DND) publications since our founding in 1994.

Our services include technical writing, French translation of technical documents, photography of component parts, digital input of technical drawings, document formatting, output of various formats and database management.

Our work has been audited by various Federal Government Departments including DND and the Director - Publications and Technical Data Sevices (DPTDS) resulting in 100% acceptance of our publications in both official languages.

Secure Management of Documents

All files are received, managed, processed, stored and distributed in a secure method in accordance with our security plan audited and approved by Public Works and Government Services Canada/Controlled Goods Directorate.

Preparation of Technical Documents

Manuscripts assigned to us for publication come in many different forms, some more complete than others. In each case Marketvision has the writers and technical staff to build a complete publication designed to meet the requirements of the client. 

Marketvision then completes its total management of the publication process by issuing:

  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Certificate of Reproducible Copy
  • Certificate of Validation

Clients have the option to store their Publication database in-house. This allows for speedier up-dating of individual manuals and the certainty that only the latest documents are delivered on demand and that no unauthorized changes occur in the field.

Translation of Technical Documents

Marketvision prides itself on the accuracy of our translations of technical documents into French and a high priority is placed on acquiring qualified staff to perform this function of the project. 
Questions often arise at this stage which add clarity and consistency to the overall document. As a separate process, we then perform TACT Technical Accuracy of Translation. This process ensures that the translation is correct and can be used without error to perform all the functions intended. We then issue:

  • TACT - Technical Accuracy of Translation

Illustrations in Technical Documents

An extensive option of software is available to accept an existing manuscript, technical illustration or graphic images as input for a new publication. Microsoft Word is used extensively by some of our clients for formatting. When the requirement is English French side-by-side paragraphs (P4), we use typesetting software to complete the work – Adobe, Corel and many others.

Publishing Technical Documents

All publications are delivered in native format and Adobe PDF (Portable Document Files). The client has the option to have us install hyperlinks throughout the document linking key words or the Table of Contents to the actual content of the document. Marketvision will then convert your publication to the format required by your hosting site.

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Production of Canadian Forces Technical Orders (CFTO) since 1994.